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Dance Performance: Vassar Repertory Dance Theatre

  • Frances Daly Fergusson Dance Theater, Kenyon Hall
  • Friday, February 2, 7:00 p.m.

Vassar Repertory Dance Theatre performs works selected from the current repertory by faculty, students, and guest choreographers, including a special appearance by Baye & Asa Dance Company. This is a free but ticketed event; however, reservations for general seating are required and are available online. For additional information, please email or call (845) 437-5541.


Choreographed by Janice Rosario
Music by Ezio Bosso: String Quartet No. 5, “Music for the Lodger”

Julia Dawson, Eva Gubitz-Hess, Zoë LaCheen-Fine, Ethan Maluccio,
Bella Restrepo, Maya Schiller, Olivia Sparks, Emily Tieu,
Anjali Turchiano, Nia Bethel-Brescia, Annabelle Fields, Paige Glover, Jacob Geiger, Madeline Hsaio, Maria-Fernanda Rodriguez

Reciprocal Visions

Choreographed by Camryn Spero

Challenging the separation between performers and spectators, “Reciprocal Visions” re-situates who is viewing whom in the dance performance space. Dancers, as forms of embodied art, are themselves responsive to their environment in ways similar to how audiences react to the performance. How do the audience, the lighting, and sensational experiences physiologically change the dancers’ realization of the performance? Placing cognitive science and dance into a direct dialogue, this thesis performance of original choreography will measure the dancers’ physiological reactions to their environment and to the audience's visibility.

First Wave

Music by Scoops Troop by Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein, Derezzed - Remixed by the Glitch Mob by Daft Punk & The Glitch Mob

Julia Dawson, Maria Dean, Paige Glover, Lilli Palmer, Courtney Spero, Dana Tagliaferro

Second Wave

Music by Entering the Fog by Jivolet and Peach Fuzz by Mandy, Indiana

Clara Alger, Helen Ambrose, Cassidy Baratta, Jacob Geiger, Emma Mazloom, Yoshi Sanders


Choreographed by Steve Rooks
Music by Howard Kilik

I. Solar
II. Lunar
Helen Ambrose, Julia Dawson, Alexandra Duff, Lilli Palmer, Bella Restrepo, Yoshi Sanders, David Shively-Ertas, Courtney Spero,
Liana Tortora, Ki’tsai Zangpo


Choreographed by Leslie Partridge Sachs

Music by Lost Memory Act II by Jun Miyake, Membrane, Makom by Ran Bagno, Hype and Orphé by Jóhann Jóhannsson and Hildur Guonadóttir, A Deal With Chaos

*Note: For Alina...Elysabeth R.I.P., here is your blue chair.
Cassidy Baratta, Maria Dean, Annabelle Fields, Paige Glover,
Eva Gubitz-Hess, Madeline Hsaio, Sophia Maron Schaeffer, Cruz Núñez, Olivia Sparks
With Abby Rice


Choreographed by Abby Rice

Music by Another Day of Sun and Someone in the Crowd by Justin Hurwitz, Justin Paul, and Benj Pasek

Clara Alger, Cassidy Baratta, Julia Dawson, Jacob Geiger, Paige Glover, Madeline Hsaio, Ethan Maluccio, Emma Mazloom, Bella Restrepo, Olivia Sparks, Camryn Spero, Courtney Spero



Choreographed by Yoshi Sanders

Music by Gegan by Paul Temple, Pink Noise for busy people
by Acoustic Activity

Clara Alger, Helen Ambrose, Cassidy Baratta, Nia Bethel-Brescia,
Frieda Dangerfield, Paige Glover, Ethan Maluccio, Sophia Maron Schaeffer, Cruz Núñez, Isabella Restrepo, Olivia Sparks, Camryn Spero, Dana Tagliaferro, Liana Tortora, Emily Tieu

John 4:20

Choreographed by Baye & Asa

Music by Sarah Vaughn, Crystal Castles, and MF Doom

Amadi ‘Baye’ Washington & Sam ‘Asa’ Pratt

Baye & Asa is a company creating movement art projects directed by Amadi “Baye” Washington & Sam “Asa” Pratt. Through the personal dynamics of their relationship, they address the larger political landscape of their upbringing, struggling to show a reality of violence while communicating a necessity for empathy.